Monthly:April 2021

Lovely baby girl with stars in her eyes lying in a spring flower bucket among bluebells

Bluebells minis are going ahead, however…

Luckily, the following is still true – the bluebells mini sessions 2021 are going ahead, however… I was really excited to announce them a little while ago, and I still am, but I never imagined so many difficulties in creating them this year, again. If you forgot, we had to cancel all of them last year due to Covid-19. And now, my favourite location (and many others), where we captured hundreds of everlasting memories is closed and fenced off. This […]

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New website – Again

I know, I know – most likely you will say “New website – again”, right!? Well, not fully true, although, it is to some extent. The last update was, believe it or not, made 2 years ago and while it was the change in the right direction, it still had many flaws. Those could have been fixed, though, but the issues with the hosting provider – not so much. So when the pandemic started, I felt a really strong “kick” […]

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