Bluebells minis are going ahead, however…

Lovely baby girl with stars in her eyes lying in a spring flower bucket among bluebells

Luckily, the following is still true – the bluebells mini sessions 2021 are going ahead, however… I was really excited to announce them a little while ago, and I still am, but I never imagined so many difficulties in creating them this year, again. If you forgot, we had to cancel all of them last year due to Covid-19. And now, my favourite location (and many others), where we captured hundreds of everlasting memories is closed and fenced off. This is due to inconsiderate people who don’t care about nature and our legacy, and because of the fungus disease that is killing trees.

Damaged woodland floor with no more bluebells and ash dieback trees falling down

To explain, on one side we have “woods visitors” (even photographers) who will do everything and anything for that one “perfect” snap and click bluebells portrait. Even if it means lying on bluebells, pulling them out or picking them up. And when you tell them about 7-year recovery time, they just shrug with their shoulders. On the other side, we have an ash dieback disease, which is ruthlessly killing a huge portion of ash trees all around the UK and Europe. It is not causing just irreparable damage to the woodland floor but it is also a hazard for people to walk through such woods. In addition, there is no known cure or treatment for now.

After 21 scouted parks, I have found a perfect one

Woodland floor with bluebells getting ready to bloom in a few weeks time

Taking both of these sad facts into consideration and combining the must “features” such as car park, easy access, kids friendly, photography fee, and many more, meant visiting 21 new forests. This was all in an attempt to try to find a new perfect location. I believe I have found it and I must say, it might even be more beautiful. With a large car park, access is easier and I know you will all appreciate it, especially those with small kids and pushchairs. However, bluebells in this forest will bloom a little later, hence our bluebells minis will start on 1 May, at the earliest. But don’t worry – if you have already booked the session and wondering what to do now – I will contact you shortly.

If you would like to know and learn more about bluebells mini sessions, don’t be afraid and click on this link.

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