New website – Again

I know, I know – most likely you will say “New website – again”, right!? Well, not fully true, although, it is to some extent. The last update was, believe it or not, made 2 years ago and while it was the change in the right direction, it still had many flaws. Those could have been fixed, though, but the issues with the hosting provider – not so much. So when the pandemic started, I felt a really strong “kick” in my bottom; I opened all the notes and started making some big plans.

The list of changes, updates, issues, upgrades, features, etc. had almost 150 lines (bullet points) but the main one (that I was missing all the time) was SEO. So, I started learning it and uncovered that (for me) it is absolutely boring, annoying and terribly complicating thing if you want to do it right! But I still did it, hopefully, and only time will show if I did it the right way or if I kicked in the dark, again. Apart from that big, chunky, massive change that is not visible on the page that you see, there were some other huge differences too, luckily.

Changing the hosting provider, redesigning the website (backend), creating correct optimisation, and more, resulting in the page being loaded in a few seconds now and not 10-15 anymore. Also, there are no more issues with mobile devices (any), galleries are nicer, faster and larger, photo sessions better described, gift voucher option added, contact fixed, social media connected, prices and info can be found easier, and the list goes on and on. I hope you like it but if not, let me know!

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