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I was never good at writing stories or anything about myself at all. However, I gave it a try and here it goes...

Photography is an art of finding extra-ordinary

in an ordinary place

For many (not just photographers), the above statement can prove very challenging and difficult, but for me, it’s the other way around. And there is a very simple reason for that – children. They fill me with so much energy, pure joy and ideas, that I decided to specialise in outdoor family and children portrait photography. Here is my story.

It all started in 1985, which really isn’t relevant yet, so I’ll skip to my childhood and constant stealing of dad’s camera. It was a really old Yashica and I’ll never forget the amazing feeling and experience of changing the films and eagerly waiting to get the photos from the photo studio. It’s a shame younger generations don’t appreciate the start of camera technology, but that’s life. It moves on and I did too.

Surviving through teenage times (and hating school), my heart strived towards computer science, photography and working with children – what a combination, right? I never imagined I’ll combine them together, but I did. At nights I’ve studied “computers” and software, during days I’ve struggled in school while evenings, weekends and holidays were reserved for working with children. For years, I have been a swimming instructor, teaching kids between 4 and 12 years of their first strokes. I could say this was also the start of my photography career as I was creating swimming memories of all children.


Earning student money and covering later costs, it was a lot easier to stay in IT, which, through the years, brought me to an IT Consultant as my main employment. However, everywhere I went, every event I was invited to, every friend that got married or got children, I was always “accompanied” by my camera. Until the year 2016…

In May of that year, things changed and I didn’t want photography to be just my hobby, anymore. The “photography part of my heart” started taking over and as a result, Gorgeous Moments Photography was born. Since then, my two boys became the face of children portraits (modelling with photo props in seasonal photo sessions), while my loving and supporting wife took over the PR job. She is also the source of many ideas.

I’ve tried myself in sports photography (which I still love), weddings, engagements and families. It turned out that working with kids still makes me the happiest, so I specialised myself in outdoor family and children photography. This way I can run around with kids, play with them, capturing their smiles and create everlasting memories.

Welcome to Gorgeous Moments – it’s my pleasure creating family portraits and children’s memories for you.
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