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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find the most frequent questions and answers about photo sessions, what to do in case of rain, how to be dressed etc. However, should you have any more questions or concern, and you can’t find an answer, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

To book the photo session, a minimum deposit/retainer of £50 has to be paid in advance; this will count towards the final payment and is non-refundable in case of a last-minute cancellation (e.g. missed photo session due to traffic or change of mind). In case of bad weather, the session will be rescheduled.

Initial photo selection (culling) is always done by Gorgeous Moments Photography and basic editing (e.g. correct colours, white balance, cropping, etc.) is applied to all good photos. In the next step, photos (their number depends on the package) that are selected by a client (you) are then fully processed through Photoshop imaging software, with all the bells and whistles, and artistic vision of Gorgeous Moments Photography.

Photo processing (editing or retouching) is a complex process that takes time and cannot be rushed. Normally, all the photos are edited and their high-resolution JPG versions (digital images) uploaded into your online gallery in 2-3 weeks time after the selection. However, during the busy weeks of seasonal mini sessions, the processing time can increase.

Every photo session results in exactly the same professional approach. Captured photos are professionally edited and high-res JPG digital images (photos) are placed into your personal online gallery without any additional costs. Your photos can be viewed and downloaded via a browser on your computer or mobile device (Android or iOS). All original (and processed) RAW files stay in Gorgeous Moments’ possession and are not for sale.

Photo session can take place anywhere in the UK (suitable locations*, though) and I am happy to travel to any such place. However, for most photo sessions (agreed in advance, if different) a travelling rate of 75p/mile is charged for locations further than 15 miles from Gorgeous Moments’ registered office in Aylesbury – postcode HP18. Additional costs may occur for locations further than 100 miles or if the photography fee is required by the location/venue of your choice.

*A suitable location is the location where Gorgeous Moments is allowed or licensed for professional portrait photography. In addition (not a complete list), the location must be safe for the photographer and members being photographed and suitable in terms of weather, scenery, access and last but not least, people and religion (out of respect).

Before any photo session, I will get in touch for a short consultation and to discuss the session details, location and any other questions you might have. Depends on the session, this might be done via email, phone or even in person and when needed, a photography session plan will be created with you.

Every photoshoot is different and it might require very different preparations, skills and style of photography. This is why the filled-in questionnaire and consultation prior to the session are so important. For example, when having a portrait photo session in nature, it is important for me to know the age and names of your children, any special needs they might have or if they are being really shy. Coming prepared (sometimes even with helium balloons can help to relax them faster and get the smiles we need for the photos.

Also, bear in mind, the session duration is for guidance only, sometimes it can take a bit longer, sometimes we can finish early – it really depends on the weather, your children and other factors.

If the weather forecast will be really bad for the day of our session, I will notify you the day before to reschedule it. Intermittent rain does not cancel the session and cloudy photos can be just as gorgeous (if not even more), however, it might delay or extend the session. On such day, wear a suitable dress and shoes too.

Family photography in nature is supposed to be a fun and relaxed event, therefore, you are welcome to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, appropriate to the photo event, time and weather. Don’t forget to coordinate your colours and patterns with the rest of your family or friends and try to avoid green for photo shooting in nature (e.g. grass), white for “snowy” photos, etc. Think “out of the box” and use scarves, hats, umbrellas and don’t forget to bring your dogs or other pets – they are family members too!

Please, let me know if you would like to discuss more about how to get dressed and I will be happy to help and guide you in the right direction. However, as a simple rule, plan towards lighter/brighter colours in combination with jeans, beige or pastel and try to avoid black, shiny and green, and you almost can’t miss.

Except if agreed otherwise, every voucher is valid for a maximum of 13 months and can be used only once by a person/family whom it has been given to. Where applicable (subject to voucher terms), vouchers can be added together, however, if the total sum of all vouchers has greater value than the session itself, no money is given back. Vouchers can not be exchange for money.

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