Photo Session Fees

Photo session fees and details

Photoshoot Pricing

A PHOTO SESSION IS A FUN EVENT – this is my main motto!

When you join me for a photo session in nature, I like you to be relaxed, have fun and not worry. So, when it comes to booking and paying for your photo session, I don’t want you to think about what is included and if there are any hidden costs and small texts or what is the price for downloading your high-resolution digital images. I believe in transparency.

Therefore, as you invest in quality photography, I try to make sure that the final products are not just “images” but rather timeless and everlasting memories that you will cherish forever. The following is included in every photo session with me!

Online Gallery

Photo sessions are safely stored in your personal gallery without an expiration date. Free high-res download is included.

Professional Retouch

All images you choose for final editing are professionally processed through Photoshop imaging software for free*

Print Release

A personal print release is included by default; for you to create albums, post on social media or decorate house.


Price includes session fee, high-res edited digital images and free download. Possible travelling costs are known in advance.

4-Leg Friends

Your pets are part of your family too, so don't leave them at home. Just let me know to confirm possible location restrictions.

Easy Access

I always try to choose a location that suits all your needs. If you use a stroller, wheelchair or can't walk fast and far - let me know.

* You choose images via an online gallery a few days after the photo session. The number of images included depends on the package.

Mini Photo Sessions

Mini session last approximately 20 minutes (with exception of Lavender one – 30 minutes) and includes 7 high-resolution digital images. A few days after the session, I will present you culled online gallery for you to choose the photos that I will process. Locations for mini photo sessions are always pre-agreed and cannot be changed. Dates are known in advance and there are also no travelling costs.

Price: £80


Photo sessions in Christmas are a little more special, but that is not the reason for the different price. They include different and very festive photo props that I create and prepare for you. Hence the change.

Price: £100


Lavender photo session is unique within the mini session category. A little higher price covers additional time and photography fee of lavender field that is covered by Gorgeous Moments.

Price: £120

Family & Children Portraits


Standard family photoshoot lasts up to 30 minutes and includes 10 high-resolution digital images. A few days after the session you will be able to choose the photos (online gallery) that I will process for you. Locations vary and I am happy to travel to the suitable location* of your choice if you prefer one, however, an additional travelling cost may be charged.

Price: £120


The premium family and children photoshoot is very similar to the Standard package, with exception of duration and number of images. It lasts up to 1 hour and includes 25 high-resolution professionally edited digital images.

Price: £250

Cake Smash Photography


Outdoor cake smash lasts around 30 minutes, it includes 10 high-res digital images of your choice and 10-15 helium-filled balloons. You can choose from a natural boy or girl theme. We find the suitable location* in advance, however, additional travelling cost may be charged. Scene setup and props preparation (including cake stand) are part of the package, however, the cake is not included.

Price: £140


Premium cake smash package is an upgrade of standard one with 25 digital images and the duration of the session around 1 hour. Apart from a natural boy or girl theme, you can also choose a jungle or nautical one and the number of helium-filled balloons is a lot bigger.

Price: £280


Travelling costs

For locations (except for mini sessions) further than 15 miles from HP18 postcode.

Price: 75p/mile

Additional photos

When selecting the photos (via online gallery) that I will process for you and create high-resolution beautiful digital images (their number depends on the package) you can choose additional ones too, should you like.

Price: £10/photo

* A suitable location is a location where Gorgeous Moments is allowed or licensed for professional portrait photography. In addition (not a complete list), the location must be safe for the photographer and members being photographed and suitable in terms of weather, scenery, access and last but not least, people and religion (out of respect).

Prices are valid from 13/04/2021

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