Bluebells family photoshoot in woods

Outdoor mini session

Photoshoot in Bluebells Field

Peaceful and relaxed family photoshoot in bluebells woods

Picturesque bluebells family photo session

Once a year, but only for a short time, gentle and absolutely beautiful bluebell flowers come out. I would love to describe how it looks like, however, you have to experience it for yourself. Join me at the bluebells family photoshoot I can promise you, that these gorgeous blossoms will take your breath away. 

The location of the bluebells photo session is inside the forest under the shade of trees. Therefore, it’s perfect for small kids or seniors trying to avoid the sun and heat. Let me guide you through these wonderful beauties and while you fall in love with them, I will create your new gorgeous family portrait photographs.

What to expect from the mini session in bluebells woods

First of all, I must emphasize how fragile the bluebells are. These gentle flowers take 7 years to recover if trampled down. Therefore, you won’t be lying in them (like we do on grass), but rather cautiously sitting or kneeling next to them. Help me respect and taking care of them so that we can cherish them in the future too.

Bluebells can’t grow just anywhere – they are mostly found in the woods. Because of that, except for paths to be a little soggy or muddy after the rain. Also, flip-flops or shiny white Cinderella shoes might not be the best choice for a photoshoot in bluebells field, although, it does look dreamy when it’s dry.

Due to the nature of the location, I don’t have many props with me on bluebells photo sessions. Some are simply inappropriate and can damage the flowers as well. However, flower bucket (for babies), little stool/bench and bubbles are always there for your little ones.

Baby girl in a flower bucket on the photoshoot in bluebells
Brother and sister making funny faces for the bluebells photography photo session
Smiling boy in white t-shirt stretching arms while sitting on the log among bluebells
Little boy with white and blue hat eating flowers while lying on the blanket in woods

Selection and editing of your high-res bluebells photographs

Following the photo session (and your personal selection) I will need a couple of weeks (sometimes a little more) to process the photos. After removing the “intruders” and careful retouching process, I will create a high-res gallery just for you.

Family photos in bluebells give out a peaceful and relaxed vibe and tone. That is why these portraits are ideal to decorate your “zen” places, cosy and comfy corners and other places where you can put your mind at ease. However, they also look great on halls or stairs too! One more thing, if you like the bluebell flowers, then you must join me at the rhododendron garden photo session too!

Little boy seats with bluebells in the park and waiting for the
Siblings posing for bluebells family photoshoot while sitting on the log in woods with purple bluebells flowers
Brother watching her little sister in a flower bucket in the park with spring flowers
Pretty young girl in lovely yellow dress holds her favourite white teddy bear while sitting with bluebells on the grass
Very cheeky boy playing hide and seek in the woods not knowing of photoshoot in bluebells session
Black and white portrait photo of two brothers in the bluebells woods
Two little brothers in matching clothes with hats seat on the grass
Family portrait photo in bluebells woods close to Aylesbury

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