Cake smash photography in nature

Outdoor photo session

Cake Smash Photoshoot

Alternative version of indoor cake smash with less worries and more fun

Special way of celebrating your child's 1st birthday in nature

Cake smash photography is a special way of celebrating your children’s birthdays. You have probably heard about it already, but it is normally done indoors. However, I have decided to create this amazing photo session outside, in nature. As a result, through outdoor kids photography, your little ones are a lot more relaxed and you don’t have to worry about the mess so much. In addition, I am able to capture your child’s real nature and best smiles.

The cake smash normally lasts up to 1 hour. However, sometimes kids get tired pretty quickly, and for that reason, the session can be shorter. Prior to the photoshoot, I will get in touch with you to discuss the theme I will create for your little one. If you have any special request or props, then, by all means, let us discuss this as well (subject to additional fee)! But normally, the props I have are almost always sufficient.

What to expect from the cake smash photo session

First of all, it is very important for us to have a phone call or email conversation before the photoshoot. This is due to the nature of the session as we are creating it together. I will be doing most of the talking probably, however, you might have some questions about cake smash photoshoot in nature as well, so don’t be shy and let me know! We will talk around the colours your little one loves, props and themed set I will create for your 1-year-old.

On the day of the session, I always arrive up to 2 hours earlier. Because the birthday cake photoshoot in nature is a bit unpredictable, I like to make sure our place is as ready as it can be (no broken trees, park run, forest work, etc.). My job is to create the set (helium-filled balloons, flags, themed photo props, blankets, etc.), while yours is to come with a cake and have a lots of fun with your little one(s).

Let me be your cake smash photographer and it will be my privilege to create one of the themed photo sessions for you (natural – boys, natural – girls, jungle or marine). However, if your little one is too old for a cake smash, I will be happy to create family and children photography in nature, instead.

Cake smash photo session of an one year old boy with blue bow tie and blue cake
Family celebration at the cake smash photoshoot in nature with bunch of blue balloons and yummy cake
Lovely boy with hat pointing to daddy while sitting in the grass with yellow summer flowers
Last photo of cake smash photoshoot with releasing green and yellow balloons in the air

Your amazing kids birthday portraits with cake

Just like with any other family photo session with me, I will only process the photos you like the most. Should you decide on a little photo collage (letters ‘O’, ‘N’ and ‘E’), this is my little gift for you as it counts as 1 photo (not 3).

I will need some time (at least a couple of weeks or more) to create retouched high-res gallery for you. However, I do understand that you might need a photo or two for the birthday party sooner. If this is the case, I will do my best and try to make it happen.

One year old boy celebrating his cake smash photo session with cake in nature
Smiling boy with jacket sitting in a red classic wagon
Gorgeous smile and a close up portrait of a one year old boy in a flower bucket
Family is celebrating cake smash and holding letters ONE in front of cherry blossom tree
Little girl in a white coat with gold stars and handmade hat is crawling through woods
A one year old girl in a lovely dress sitting on a rustic wooden bench with letters ONE in front of her
Brothers in yellow boots are having fun in autumn woods and celebrating through cake smash photography
Lovely one year old girl with a red flower hairband and matching dress is sitting in a flower bucket among yellow daffodils

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