Christmas family photoshoot

Outdoor mini session

Christmas Photo Session

An outdoor festive photography experience for families and kids

Fun and festive outdoor photoshoot for the whole family

The definition of Christmas is by default festive, funny, relaxed, colourful, full of laughter and last but not least, joy and happiness. These are already ideas and values I strive towards in every photo session. However, with the Christmas family photoshoot, I want to go even further. Because of that, I have created a unique giant (yes, it’s really big) Christmas wreath for your Christmas portraits. It will, and I am sure of that, bring astonishment and the biggest smiles to your little ones, alongside with many other props I have.

Make no assumptions – the wreath is big enough even for adults but on the other side, an amazing idea for babies to lay in it as well. Just like with my other photo sessions (where possible), your fluffy, furry, big and small 4 leg friends are always welcome too. After all, the Christmas family photo session is for all of you; the whole family!

What to expect and how to prepare

Right, let’s set the expectations first. Mine is for you to come in full festive gear – yes, that’s right! Put on the best Christmas jumpers you have, dress your kids or your whole family in Christmas PJs, bring jingle bells, fluffy reindeer, ride on sleigh if you have them, etc. But most importantly, come “armed” with laughter, joy and happiness.

Most of the time, the Christmas photography is a mini session, however, you can book it as a standard larger package as well or make it a kids Christmas photoshoot only. Just let me know when booking it and leave the rest to me. Oh, and one more thing – the weather. Christmas family photoshoot is scheduled for late November and early December which means it is highly dependent on the forecast. It is not uncommon we have to reschedule it or that you might have to come dressed with additional accessories too. What I have in mind are scarves, gloves or maybe boots. But don’t worry, it can be even better; try to make them Christmas-ish if you can.

However, if the winter or festive time isn’t so much for you, then I invite you to join me at the spring mini sessions with millions of daffodils and bluebells.

Christmas photo session with smiling sisters sitting on logs in front of decorated Christmas trees
Smiling siblings drinking milk on Christmas blanket under festive garland
Christmas photo of a smiling little girl on festive scene with garland, logs, blanket, reindeer and banner
Portrait of a sleeping baby girl on white fluffy blanket next to logs and big red shiny bulbs

Will I get the photos in time for Christmas?

Most of the time, I need around 2 to 4 weeks to process and edit your photos. However, due to the nature of this photoshoot, I always try to make sure that your Christmas portraits are ready no later than 7-10 days before Christmas (if no rescheduling to later dates). I know that many of you like to use photos for Christmas cards, so I always do my best. But don’t forget, you need to choose your best photos on time, first.

Your new Christmas family photos will (from what I’ve seen at my clients) look great anywhere. From kitchen to the living room, stairs and hallways and even garages (alongside the stored Christmas tree or decorations). However, the most used places are still Christmas cards, mugs, table frames and other Christmas gifts.

Kids Christmas photography with a boy in red little tikes, decorated with big golden bells and tree on top
Christmas family photoshoot with happy little girl who is super excited about decorated Christmas trees and real snow
Young and happy family with two little boys drinking milk on the Christmas scenery next to big red bag of presents
Baby boy with lovely hat just woke up inside the giant Christmas wreath next to funny elf
Smiling sisters with identical snowy hats sitting on the rustic wooden bench next to Christmas lamp post
Excited young boy in front of decorated Christmas trees is posting his letter to Santa
Two cheeky brothers posing for Christmas family photoshoot in front of decorated trees and real snow scenery
Two brothers are stealing candies from big red bag of presents in front of Christmas trees

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