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Family Portrait Photoshoot

Relaxed outdoor family photography with children in parks and woods

Capturing everlasting memories on a fun family day out

I believe that a family portrait photography (or children photography) is a photoshoot that should always be fun and relaxed. Because of that I have specialised myself in outdoor photo sessions where children can freely run around and play. As a result, I can capture their true personality and their biggest smiles from the bottom of their heart. Furthermore, it is a lot easier for parents as well, as nature and parks help children to relax a lot faster. And in the end they don’t even see this as a family photoshoot anymore, but rather a fun day out.

I prefer creating and capturing your family portraits in the morning hours or late afternoon (especially in summer). This is due to softer and gentle light, whereas strong and direct sunlight creates unnatural bright spots on the skin. If we are lucky, we might even catch the golden evening hour. And if we do, I can assure you these are some of the best family photos. I do family photography in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas, regardless of the season. Whether it is autumn, winter, spring or summer, I will find great scenery for you and your family.

What to expect from the outdoor family portrait photoshoot

Outdoor family photography is perfect for creating gorgeous family and children portraits. However, it is also highly dependent on the weather. While cloudy sky makes one of the best natural lights and amazing scenery, the rain and drops are not something that camera likes. If that happens, I will contact you to reschedule the session.

I strongly recommend (if you have young kids) to try and have them well-rested. I am a dad of two, too, and it is perfectly clear to me that this is not always possible. However, if your little ones are too tired or haven’t slept, no photo prop will help and there might be lots of crying. But don’t get me wrong – I am not upset because of crying as this is absolutely normal. I am just a little sad as I can’t create gorgeous and everlasting memories full of smiles for you and fulfil your expectations of our family photoshoot.

Another very important aspect of outdoor photo sessions is the “dress code” – colours are crucial. I will discuss this with you in advance but as a rule of thumb, here are a few ideas. Bright and light colours are great and if you can combine them with beige, jeans, or cream, it will be amazing. But try not to wear something with giant logos and avoid dresses that are green (blends with nature too much), black (it can be dull) or shiny screaming colours that take away focus of you.

Children portrait photography of smiling siblings sitting in the grass under the autumn tree
Little girl posing at wall ruins with orange bricks on an outdoor photo session
Sleeping newborn baby boy on the stomp in autumn woods
Twin brothers with a lovely smile sitting on the logs and posing for family photography in Aylesbury

Your outdoor family and children portraits in nature

Family portrait photography and children portraits are a must for every home. From siblings playing in the autumn leaves and newborn babies sleeping on the stomp to outdoor family fun and happiness in the lavender field – these are gorgeous moments and your happy family memories that will last forever.

In a few days after the session, I will send you an online gallery link to choose the photos you like the most. In the weeks after, I’ll professionally edit and create high-resolution digital images that you can print on canvas, store in an album, set as a screensaver create a photo blanket. Only your imagination is the limit.

Oh, and one more thing, if you like the outdoor family portrait photography, I am sure you might like one of my mini sessions too. For example, take a look at summer lavender portraits and Christmas memories or one of my other outdoor photo sessions, such as spring or autumn.

Family photography in Aylesbury with a rainbow-ish dressed family for NHS
Black and white close up portrait of a happy child with curly hair and big shiny eyes
Little girl in white dress is stretching arms on a path in the woods close to Aylesbury
Outdoor family photoshoot of a newly engaged women couple holding the knot
Happy mommy hugging her son and daughter in a high summer grass with yellow flowers in the background
Proud mommy with two smiling boys on a summer family photoshoot with rainbow for NHS
Newly engaged couple smiling in the woods with a chalkboard and writing
Family portrait photography with an energetic young boy who loves kicking his red ball in the park

Your Family Photographer with Children in Mind

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