Rhododendrons garden photoshoot

Outdoor mini session

Rhododendrons photo session

Vivid rhododendron garden for families, couples and nature lovers

Family day out in picturesque nature with vivid colours

Every year between April and June, these lovely parks in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire change to a rhododendron garden or even better, a “rainbow forest”. Their rhododendron garden is fully blooming and all you can see around are trees and bushes, full of big and magnificent flowers. Their main colours are pink, purple, yellow, red, white, and rose but you can also find some lovely orange ones. I find this an amazing opportunity for a gorgeous rhododendrons garden photoshoot.

If you are a flower lover and enthusiast, you must visit it. I go there every year, however, not just because of the flowers but also to create new gorgeous family portraits. This is one of the rear photo sessions where I don’t use many photo props (sometimes even none). This is because of the vivid garden itself and all the flowers in it. It gives a lot more than “just rhododendrons”. For example, fallen flower petals are one of the best photo props there and I even know of a hidden tree “swing”, etc.

What to expect from the rhododendrons family photoshoot

For a start, expect a lot of vivid colours and amazing blooming. Therefore, I feel it’s really important to emphasize the correct dress code first. However, I don’t have in mind the type of clothes and length of ties, but rather colours. I am sure you can imagine that a strong pink dress or red jumper will blend in with rhododendrons and that black suits are just dull. Because of that, I suggest following a very simple rule. Wear light and bright colours (even pastel or bright jeans) and you can’t miss it.

Furthermore, I am known to always have many props for my outdoor photo session. But rhododendrons garden photoshoot is not one of them. This is because the rhododendron garden already offers so much. For example, natural tree swing, fallen leaves and flower petals, etc. But don’t worry, I always have bubbles with me as well.

Rhododendrons photoshoot is therefore for everyone! The weather is nicer and warmer, the location has easy access, cafes with toilets and great a children playground too. Also, if you are a colour lover, you might join me at my festive Christmas mini sessions too!

Two adorable and super cheeky brothers sitting in front of colourful trees with magnificent flowers
Lovely girl with long hair in a white dress throwing flower petals from vivid garden
Rhododendrons photo session for a little smile boy and his happy grandma
Baby girl with big shiny eyes lies on grass with large rhododendron blossom in front of her

When will my rhododendrons family portraits be ready?

Rhododendrons mini sessions can be very close (date) to bluebells photoshoots. This is dependent on the weather in previous months (a combination of rain, sun and warmth). Because of that, I need sometimes a little more time to process your photos and create high-res edited digital images. However, it should not take me more than 2-4 weeks.

Apart from that, these vivid portraits and children’s smiles can be used in any room of your home. They will for sure brighten up space and bring joy and happiness to everyday life.

Last rhododendrons garden photoshoot with a princess in white dress surrounded by colourful flowers before the log was cut down
Black and white portrait of loving and caring brothers in the garden
Adorable little girl with amazing smile running through white petals on the ground
Funny pose of mommy and daughter leaning on each others backs in vivid rhododendron garden
Rhododendrons photo session with two boys watching and smiling at each other
Family of tree enjoying day out in vivid garden and picking up colourful petals
Young girl with flower dress sitting under the colourful bushes
Proud grandma enjoying time with her grandson in front of yellow rhododendrons

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